6 losses on the treadmill and 4 benefits

Lifestyle Desk: Fitness enthusiasts often have the curiosity to know that running on the treadmill is more perfect or running out. Actually, running a treadmill in a few easy ways is like running out. Today we are telling you about the damage and benefits of the treadmill.

Raid on the treadmill
According to the scientists, installation on grade 1 of the treadmill, correctly reflects the cost of energy like running out. Therefore, to realize the running out, set the treadmill belt to 1 percent of the grade. Apart from this, research shows that bio-mechanical patterns do not change when running on a treadmill than running out of competitors, so the conclusions concluded that running a treadmill on 1 percent of the gad is as effective as running out.

Damage of treadmill
1-knee effect
Running on the treadmill puts great pressure on your knees. This pressure is more than running out. Artificial height is made on the machine. Due to the continuous shaking belt, your joints do not get the chance to move in the right way, which causes extra pressure on the joints and muscles, and you may have pain during exercise. After the session you may have pain in one or both knees. Do a warm-up before running on the treadmill. This gives strength to your joints.